Sudie Houses

Our Purpose for Houses and our Sudie House Leadership Pledge:

1. The Sudie TAG House System will be used to promote character, academic success, school spirit, a family atmosphere, and a culture of excellence in our school.

2. The Sudie House System will be used as a way to uplift and inspire all students. At no time will houses be allowed to put down other or make disparaging remarks about other houses in cruel, unkind, or demeaning ways.

3. Students will be sorted into houses in a random manner; students will not be sorted by academic, behavioral, or other labeling guidelines.

4. Systems will be put into place to ensure that house points are awarded fairly and that point inflation does not occur. House points that are earned shall never be taken away.

5. The history and meaning of each house will be taught to our students each year.

6. Once students have selected a house, they are officially members until they become alumni of Sudie TAG. Students do not have the opportunity to change which house they are in.

7. The houses are an opportunity for fun, positive motivation, and growth into the amazing Sudie TAG alumni of the future.