Social Workers' Website

At Highland Middle School we have three social workers and each work with a specific grade. Each social worker works with many students who may be going through a tough time and those who are in need of social-emotional support. We also run social skills groups, provide individual counseling, academic assistance and many other supports.


Talking to your Child about Tragedy or Crisis- Tips for how to talk to your children about tragedy and crisis

14 Potentially Dangerous Apps- An article that warns parents of 14 apps that can be dangerous for kids.

Social Media- An article about social media and anxiety and depression

​After-school restraint collapse-An article about how to help your child after holding it together at school all day.

Fortnite addiction- What to do about your child and Fortnite

Teen vaping- Basic information about teens and vaping

​Text-a-Tip- Link that explains how Text-a-Tip works