Social Workers' Website

At Highland Middle School we have three social workers and each work with a specific grade. Each social worker works with many students who may be going through a tough time and those who are in need of social-emotional support. We also run social skills groups, provide individual counseling, academic assistance and many other supports.


Raising Healthy Children in Uncertain Times- 6 week parenting group led by Jackie Rhew, LCPC and Robin Choquette, Psy.D. Parents will learn key skills on how to help kids manage their feelings, problem solve, and how to be socially responsible. Jacqueline and Robin, joined by guest experts, will cover strategies for parents, including how to model healthy coping, how to get connected to your child and much more.

Helping Kids Return to School- Recorded Q&A with Doctors


Helping Your Child Cope with COVID-19- Presentation of Tips and Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Mental Health During COVID-19- An article sharing signs your teenager may need additional support during this time

Parents' Ultimate Guide to TikTok- An article explaining aspects of TikTok

Talking to your Child about Tragedy or Crisis- Tips for how to talk to your children about tragedy and crisis

Yolo App-Information about anonymous social media apps including Yolo.

14 Potentially Dangerous Apps- An article that warns parents of 14 apps that can be dangerous for kids.

Instagram's New Guides- An article about the new guides for parents and teens on the safe use of the app

Social Media- An article about social media and anxiety and depression

​After-school restraint collapse-An article about how to help your child after holding it together at school all day.

Fortnite addiction- What to do about your child and Fortnite

Teen vaping- Basic information about teens and vaping

​Text-a-Tip- Link that explains how Text-a-Tip works