Teen Leisure Clubs

Emerson Students,

Are you interested in starting an after school club? Emerson teen leisure clubs (TLC) are all about you! What are you into these days?

If you have a good idea for a club follow these steps:

  1. find a teacher to sponsor your club

  2. together, pick a day and a meeting place that works for both of you

  3. next, write a blurb that describes your club and send it to Ms. Corsello (kcorsello@d64.org)

  4. finally, make some posters promoting your club and hang them above the drinking fountains for others to see

*TLCs need to have at least 6 students attending regularly in order to continue and must be open to all Emerson students.

21-22 TLC Club Descriptions
Open House TLC

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Emerson Intramurals can be found at: bit.ly/EMSintramurals