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All Children Can Learn and Succeed

Firth School District #59 subscribes to the belief that each individual shall be accepted into the educational program as they are, that they shall be provided with a stimulating environment and learning experiences conceived to promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth consistent with their abilities.

Congratulations to Mr. Sid Tubbs

Mr. Tubbs has been appointed as the full time Superintendent for Firth School District. Mr. Tubbs is currently serving as the district Superintendent and the Elementary Principal. He has been with the school district since 1991 and Superintendent since 2006.

Congratulations to Mr. David Mecham

Mr. David Mecham has been appointed as new full time elementary principal. Mr. Mecham has served the district since 1991 in several positions, including elementary principal. Mr. Mecham is currently serving as the middle school principal.

Congratulations to Mr. Roger Harrison

Roger Harrison has been appointed as the new middle school principal. Roger has served in the district as a teacher and an athletic director. He has been with the district since 1998.

Congratulations to Mr. Keith Drake

Keith Drake has been appointed as the new principal for Firth High School. He has been here since 1994 and is currently a teacher and head football coach.

Congratulations and Thanks to Mr. Jeff Gee

Mr. Gee has served as Firth High School Principal for the last 12 years. He has been loved by students and staff and will be missed. He has been selected to be superintendent at Ririe School District.

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