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Brenda Jergens, District Transportation Liaison



Tina Schroeder, First Student Branch Manager



Bus Drivers at First Student. $20.00 an hour with a $5000. sign on bonus! To apply, text your Zip Code to BUSES and it will take you directly to the application link OR go to Come join their team!

**We like to keep the calls to First Student at a minimum so they can focus on the bus drivers on the road, so please only call First Student directly if you have exhausted all attempts to reach the District Liaison or your child's school.

WELCOME TO 22/23 School Year!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing & enjoyable summer. We are busy in transportation getting bus routes ready to welcome NEW students & the return of returning students on the first day of student attendance on 8/18/22.

Districts are required to provide free transportation & must transport all public school students enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12th grade who live more than one and one-half miles from their assigned attendance center/school. If you do not wish to use the transportation services offered, or your HS child drives to school, please contact the transportation office ASAP so we can remove your child from the bus roster.

We do offer busing to/from daycare. However, the daycare residence must be within the boundary of the school your child attends. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Please contact the transportation office if you have any questions about your child's eligibility. Alternative transportation request forms can be accessed on the district website (see below) or by emailing the Transportation Liaison at If you need alternative transportation for the upcoming school year, please complete the paperwork as soon as possible to avoid any delays in your child's busing. These forms MUST be completed &/or updated each school year.

In addition, we will be reactivating the FirstView app for families & school office personnel. However, this program is also web based for those that do not want to download the app on their phone. This program will not be live or active for approximately 2-3 weeks after school starts to allow the dust to settle at the start of a new school year. Here is a link for your quick review or reference: Parent App FAQ, Parent App Flyer, Parent App District Letter to Parents, Parent App Quick Start Guide, Parent App Registration Guide- Student ID .

Seating charts are strongly recommended for all elementary school bus routes. Drivers will be asked to enforce these seating charts. This helps with ridership accountability & attendance, safety, discipline, and consistency for all. We are not out of the COVID pandemic yet so these charts are important as well for contact tracing purposes when/if needed. Please talk to your child/children about the safety of staying in their seats while the bus is moving. Far too many injuries have been reported due to a child not being properly seated.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about busing eligibility, or anything related to bus transportation, please contact the Transportation Liaison directly at 815-754-2199 or email at

Have a great rest of the summer & upcoming school year! Stay safe & healthy!

Brenda Jergens

Transportation Liaison

FirstView Parent App

Many DCUSD 428 families can track their student’s trips to and from school through a free busing app. Parents can download the FirstView app, which will give you access to real-time information about your student’s bus stops. Once the SY 22/23 route and/or student data has been uploaded into the system, data will be available in FirstView. Once the district is ready to go live on the app, FirstView will be available to our school community. We prefer to delay tracking to allow time for routes and/or student data to settle; typically 2-3 weeks after school starts.

To families that used FirstView in SY 21/22, you may notice some changes the next time you log in! Stay tuned for more information about where to find updated handouts and toolkit materials! Data Reset: For security and data purposes, FirstView will remove all student information from the app and reset app-generated codes school year. Users will still have access to their existing accounts, but will no longer be linked to a student profile in the app. FirstView will no longer have student and/or route information in the system until the district feels confident the data is ready to go live.

Please keep your records with us updated...

*Did you recently move? If so, please review the address change information & forms located on the "registration" tab located on the district website. This will enable us to update your students' busing as quickly as possible to avoid any bus route interruptions.

*Has your contact information changed or your emergency contact information changed? Do you have a new phone number or a new work number? If so, please contact your child's school as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, this information is vitally important!


Keeping Children Safe Around the School Bus

Riding the school bus is a great way to get children to and from school. It’s a lot safer than other methods of transportation and provides access to school for about 26 million students each year. However, there are still risk factors associated with riding the bus that parents, children and motorists need to be aware of.

Despite the fact that there are stop arm laws in all 50 states, it’s estimated that over 10 million drivers illegally pass school buses every year. This poses a serious risk to children who may not be aware of approaching traffic obscured by the big yellow bus. It’s not clear why so many drivers violate stop arm laws when children’s lives are at stake, but it remains a daily threat to children. There simply is no “safe” way to illegally pass the school bus. If the bus is stopping, children are present.

To keep children safer, motorists need to follow the law. It’s illegal to pass a school bus within the roadway as it drops off or picks up passengers—regardless of the direction of approach. When sharing the road with a school bus, motorists should drive at a slower pace and keep a safe distance. This is the only way to be prepared to stop when those flashing red and yellow lights go on. States have different requirements on how close a vehicle can come to a school bus as it stops to pick up passengers, but that distance may be as much as 25 feet. Under no circumstance should a motorist ever be within 10 feet of a school bus.

Parents also play an important role in keeping children safe around the school bus. Younger children should be supervised at the bus stop. All children should know about the risks involved with getting on and off the school bus and ways to stay safe.

Children should be aware of how important it is to get to the bus stop early. They should stay three giant steps away from the road and not approach the school bus until it comes to a complete stop and the door opens. Children who cross the street when getting on or off their school bus should be at least five giant steps (10 feet) in front of it. Before stepping onto the roadway, they should check for passing cars from each direction and wait for the OK signal from the school bus driver to cross.

Let children know that they should never walk behind the school bus or attempt to pick up an item that is dropped outside of it without getting permission from the driver first.

Everyone can improve the safety of children by letting others know that putting children’s lives at risk is not OK. Take a pledge to brake for the school bus. Report aggressive drivers and spread the word about keeping children safe!!

We do all we can to protect our children from harm and to get them to school and home every day safely. We only ask that motorists pay attention and follow the law that requires them to stop for those red lights.

Memo from the Transportation Office regarding Inclement Weather

Parents of children who ride school buses are reminded that winter weather can create dangerous situations for those students that are unprepared. The DeKalb School District transportation office would like to remind parents that students riding buses should be properly clothed for extreme winter conditions, wearing winter coats, hats, gloves, and proper footwear. Parents should check with their children before they leave home to board a bus to be sure that they are prepared for the extreme weather potential that exists every day during this time of year.

As inclement weather and traffic will affect the bus schedule, we ask that families be patient and understanding. We will do everything in our control to provide accurate pick up & return times for your students. Please remember, the safety of your children is our primary concern. In the event that buses are running more than 20 minutes behind schedule due to road conditions, bus route delay information is posted on the district’s website under the transportation link whenever possible.

Decisions regarding school closures are made by no later than 5:00 a.m. DeKalb School District uses a minimum of three separate communication processes to notify our families of school closings. Each family's primary phone line is contacted with a standardized message of the anticipated change, the use of local area radio and television media stations is used to report the changes and the district's web page will report any changes.

As always, feel free to contact Brenda Jergens, the District Transportation Liaison at 815-754-2199 or First Student at 815-748-2901 if you have any questions or concerns.