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6th Grade Bands, 8th Grade Bands, Honors Band, Jazz Ensemble

6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Bands, Honors Band, Jazz XP

BAND program:

Is your student interested in joining the Wredling Band Program? It isn't too late to start - We'd love to have you!


Janel Bach
6th Grade Choirs, 7th Grade Choirs, 8th Grade Choir, Hawk Chorus, Treble Ensemble

Our Mission:

To provide your children with the necessary knowledge, resource tools, skill set and confidence to competitively participate and be successful in future vocal music endeavors.

To reinforce 21st century learning skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, innovative thinking, collaborating and effective communicating.

To make sure each child feels a part of our "Choir Family" and that he/she is a vital contributor to the choir and its success.

To have students gain a greater awareness of how music affects and inspires, both performers and listeners, throughout history, societies, and cultures throughout the world.


6th Grade Orchestras, 7th Grade Orchestras, 8th Grade Orchestra, Honors Orchestra

6th Grade Orchestra, 8th Grade Orchestra, Honors Orchestra