hospitality and design

Jessica Beauchamp - - Fashion and Design

Erin Flannery - - Fashion and Design

Michelle Gupta - - Careers in Hospitality and Design

Lindsey Janton - - Service Learning

Katherine.Scrivani - - Service Learning

Nicole Mareno - - Careers in Hospitality and Design

Angela Russell - - Careers in Hospitality and Design

Christine Voth - - Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Careers in Hospitality and Design (7th Grade)

This course will introduce students to the variety of career opportunities in Hospitality and Design including, but not limited to, interior designer, fashion designer, chef, and nutritionist. Students will learn how interior designers use the elements of design to create an illusion or feel in a room and how to personalize a room on a limited budget. As a fashion designer, students will learn the basic techniques of construction as they independently design and complete a piece of fashion. In learning about being a chef, students will plan, prepare and sample a variety of tasty recipes as they discover proper measuring techniques, knife skills and the key to teamwork in the kitchen. Students will learn how nutritionists use information on a food label (like all the different names for sugar) when guiding people to better food choices.

Fashion and Design (8th Grade)

Do you have an eye for fashion? Do you like choosing clothes and accessories for others? Students in fashion and design will learn how the elements of design can impact how a person looks and feels as well as how these elements apply to clothing selection while creating a wardrobe for themselves or a client. Students will learn how to illustrate clothing on a croquis and gain an understanding of the education, training and a wide range of careers in the field of fashion. Students will produce and market a simple garment.

Culinary Arts & Hospitality (8th Grade)

Do you enjoy cooking, would like to improve your culinary skills, or just try new foods? In eighth grade culinary arts and hospitality, students will cook; sample a variety of recipes while learning new cooking terms, techniques, time management skills, sanitation and safety practices; and discover how much it actually costs to make a recipe. Students will be asked to give input on recipes they would like to make and will be given the opportunity to show off their culinary talents when hosting a guest meal.

Service Learning (6th Grade)

This course will focus on leadership and character and civic development. Collaboratively, students will take the initiative to research, develop, and implement a community service project to better the community in which they live.