7th Grade


This nine week class helps students gain exposure to:

-food safety and preparation


-interior design

Major projects include:

-various cooking labs

-bedroom portfolio

-hot and cold therapeutic packs

8th Grade

Culinary Arts

This nine week class introduces students to:

· Safety and sanitation procedures that are essential in preparing foods.

· The importance of time management when preparing of food.

· The importance of team work in planning, preparing, and serving food.

-The utilization of equipment, terms, and procedures necessary to prepare food safely.

-How reading, math, science and technology are essential to food preparation.

-The appropriate rules of social conduct and respect for others through etiquette.

8th Grade

Fashion and Design

This nine week class introduces students to:


-elements and design

-sewing construction

Major projects include:

-research projects

-personal stylist portfolio

-pajama pants

The Teachers

Ms. Tennant- Culinary Arts and FACS


Ms. Bribiesca- Fashion and FACS