Current Syllabus

HLTH 1470 001 S21: Human Nutrition Syllabus

University of Minnesota Duluth

Current Spring 2021 Course

  • Human Nutrition

Fall 2020 Courses

  • Motor Learning and Development

  • Human Nutrition

  • Consumer Health Education

Summer 2020

Other Courses Taught

  • Environmental Health

  • Global Health

  • Health and Wellness Strategies for Life Research and Evaluation

  • Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

  • Foundations of Public Health

Concordia University

  • Applied Exercise Prescription Biomechanics

  • Health Psychology

  • Senior Professional Seminar Sports Business

  • Motor Learning

Northwestern Health Sciences University

  • Evolving Role in Healthcare for Massage Therapist Health and Wellness Exploration

  • Orthopedic Care

  • Special Population