Marzell I. Gray, DrPH, MBA

Driving diversity in education.

Too often, minority students are lost in the conversation about higher education; they are left behind when others move forward to understand how many options are available, how college can benefit their quality of life, and what type of education might suit their lifestyle.

As an educator, administrator, researcher, and first-generation college student, I am committed to working with members of diverse populations in higher education and beyond. We must actively guide students to the educational path that is right for them, recognizing this might be a four-year Bachelor's degree, a certificate, a technical degree, a two-year degree, or a transfer curriculum.

My personal philosophy toward teaching and diversity in education actively works to empower students from diverse backgrounds and in diverse learning environments. My research and initiatives seek to introduce students to the spaces and conversations that have traditionally overlooked them. We are working to drive diversity in education forward.

Helping others find their passion.

Leading groups through partnership and collaboration.

Listening to undervalued voices.