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FAQ : Certification Program

Do I need to register for the certification program? How much is the registration fee?

No registration is needed and it is FREE. Whenever you're ready, just go to the certification page. Click the button to submit your project details and take the quiz.

What documentation do I need to provide for the project submission?

We will need you to submit ...

  • a short demo video to show how the project works (upload the video to YouTube/Facebook and send us the link),

  • your code (publish your project on MakeCode Editor and send us the URL), and

  • an A4-sized poster (in pdf format). Your poster must include an image/illustration of the project and a brief description on how it works. Remember to include the project title, your name and school/centre.

You may refer to the Let's Play or Application Challenge pages in the book as a guide.

What are the requirements to receive the course completion certificate?

Submitted an original project and passed the theory test (60% and above).

When will I know the result?

Please allow us up to two weeks to process your submission. Do NOT send multiple submissions.
Successful candidates will receive an e-cert (via email).

If you do not receive any email from us, please check your junk mail. For further assistance, you can email to cheryl@cytron.io .