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Here, you'll find:

  1. 5-minute videos on how to quantify the value of your technology
  2. Free to download Excel models to learn from and hack
  3. Playthrough videos - Learn how to build your own models

What is Techonomics? (Overview)

Learn the method and motivation for putting dollar signs on your innovation.

1. Does your tech idea obey the first law of capitalism?

2. Know what kind of value your tech provides to the user, and quantify it.

3. Define the product made with your technology - with numbers.

4. Do a back-of-the-envelope calculation to estimate unit cost: BOM plus, or CapEx/OpEx.

5. Draw the value chain to see where your value proposition is located

6. Understand the best place to focus your R&D with a simple spreadsheet model.

Coming soon

Cost episodes (learn about estimating CapEx, cost vs. scale, and levelized cost of electricity)Financial Return module episodes (IRR, payback, hurdle rate)
You can also watch these episodes as a playlist on YouTube

Check out our example models connecting technology innovations to cost and value in the marketplace

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