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We live in strange times. This site is a hub for resources to use with your children while they are out of school, and it will be updated periodically. We hope you find it useful. Click on the button in the top left hand of the screen to activate the dropdown menu and browse the different resources.

As things change daily, restrictions may become stricter and you may find yourself turning increasingly to the online world to educate and entertain your children, a world you perhaps find it difficult enough to manage even without a national emergency! We recognise the challenges this brings and suggest the following advice to achieve a healthy balance in such trying times:

  • Maintain the rules around devices that you already had in place

  • Do things together online

  • Limit exposure to social media and news around Covid-19

  • Have dedicated times when all activity is offline

  • Plan physical activities and games like exercise, painting, crafting

  • Until instructed otherwise, make sure to go out and get fresh air!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

The CyberSafeIreland Team

For further advice on supporting children at home, visit Childmind Institute