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Your NMHS English Department!

Formatives & Summatives

All departments at NMHS use both Google Classroom and Jump Rope to report both Formative feedback and Summative scores. Students will see a 1-4 score (where 3 is equivalent to Proficient) reported for most assignments, along with comments about their performance within the scoring scales. Think of this as your one-stop-shop for your student's progress with the PBGRs for the course.

NMHS English Students ARRR...

Accountable for their actions and choices in the classroom

Respect themselves as they grow and develop into thoughtful readers and writers

Respect others for their contributions to the classroom space

Respect the community the English classroom provides, and honor each other's diverse opinions

NMHS Writing Handbook.pdf

NMHS Writing Handbook

This is a great resource to answer your writing questions!