Cavite State University - Carmona Campus

1ST RE - IGNITE: Research and Extension Symposium

Sustaining R&E Culture for Continuous Community Support and Transformation

With the initiative of the Research and Extension Services Office, the first day of the first-ever RE-IGNITE was a success with the theme, "Sustaining R&E Culture for Continuous Community Support and Transformation". The symposium was attended by the faculty members and staff of the campus. Seven research proposals were presented, covering topics from ICT to societal development and equity. Four completed extension projects were presented, together with the new extension program entitled “CvSUCCESS”, covering its extension projects, Project AKKaP, TO-SERVE Project, Project KPKNan, and Project DAPAT. Research and Extension highlights, accomplishments, and updates were also presented.

Dr. Cristina M. Signo pave the way in discussing SHINE CvSU-Carmona: Cascading of Strategic and Operational Plans

For the love of research and extension, congratulations to our presenters, project leaders and staff, researchers, extensionists, and to the local research council - Dr. Cristina M. Signo, Prof. Carlo Emil B. Mañabo, Prof. Janine B. Bacosmo, Dr. Regene L. Hernandez, Prof. Maria Andrea C. Francia, Prof. Jocelyn B. Siochi, Prof. Sheila L. Vidallon, Dr. Gretchen Macaranas, Prof. Ron Erik C. Frontuna. Your passion is truly commendable!



The Cavite State University - OVP for Research and Extension led by Dr. Melbourne R. Talactac pave the way in concluding the Research and Extension Caravan 2022 at Cavite State University - Carmona Campus.

Dr. Talactac was warmly welcomed by our campus administrator, Dr. Cristina M. Signo together with the Campus Research Coordinator, Prof. Carlo Emil B. Mañabo and the Campus Extension Coordinator, Prof. Janine B. Bacosmo.

CvSU Carmona prepared a mini exhibit that showcase all completed research and extension projects of the campus.

A short program was also conducted and commenced with an overview of the caravan and recognition of the participants. It was followed by the opening remarks of our campus administrator, Dr. Cristina M. Signo.

Campus Research and Extension updates, status, milestones, and future plans were presented by the campus research coordinator, Prof. Mañabo and the campus extension coordinator, Prof. Bacosmo.

CvSU Research and Extension agenda and future plans was also presented and discussed by Dr. Melbourne R. Talactac. Participants were given a chance to ask questions and raise some concerns.

The program concluded with a closing remarks from the R&E monitoring and evaluation coordinator, Prof. Richard L. Hernandez.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the faculty and staff, the working committee, the technical team, and Mr. Antonino L. Bayson for being the moderator of the program.