Meet the nurses

Williston Schools District Nurse

Maria Kapetanovic, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed

ph: 871-6170

fax: 871-6101

Williston Central School Nurse

Carol Albertelli, RN, BSN

ph: 871-6170

fax: 871-6101

Williston Central School Nurse

Samantha Usher, RN, BSN

ph: 871-6170

fax: 871-6101

Allen Brook School Nurse

Sylvia Love, RN, BSN

ph: 871-6248

fax: 871-6201


In the Health Office we encourage students to use their SMARTS:

- Say "Hi" to the nurses and introduce yourself even if you think we should know your name

- Explain your problem and tell us how we can help you

- Please, don't touch anything in the Health Office without permission

- Use your time wisely. Unless it is an emergency, try to come during breaks, on the way to/from lunch/recess, during core time and don't stay too long. Remember, we need you to be in class as much as possible.

- If there is a big line of other students waiting, try to come in later instead of spending long time just waiting in the hall.

- Say "Thank you" when you leave

Programs we run:

Vision photoscreening with SPOT (October/November)

We are very lucky to be selected for Vermont Lions KidSight program and Middlebury Lions Club will be coming to our schools on October 12th (WCS) and 22nd (ABS) of 2018 to perform vision photoscreening.

Vermont Lions KidSight program uses a photoscreening digital device called a SPOT to objectively check for vision problems. The photoscreener is like a large camera. It takes a picture of your child’s eyes. With that and the measurements obtained from the images, SPOT can detect a number of potential eye conditions.

If we find a problem, we will send you a referral letter. If your child’s SPOT results form states “Complete Eye Exam Recommended” at the top right of the page, it is a referral and we recommend that your child visit an eye care professional.

On the SPOT referral, you will see a section on the right side of the page called “Potential Condition”. This includes information about the potential eye condition(s) detected by the SPOT device.

If you do not hear from us, your child passed the screenings. If your child is not in selected grades, but you have concerns, and feel your child needs to have a vision or hearing test this year, please contact the Health Office at your child’s school ans we will add them on the list.

The vision screening will only happen on the dates listed above. It is a one-day event and we strongly encourage you child not to be absent from school on that day. There will be no make-ups.

Understanding your child's vision screening results

The camera:

Why Lions KidSight?

Need more?

Dental cleaning program (February/March)

During the month of February/March, your child can receive a dental cleaning, exam, and fluoride rinse for $20.00 right here at school. This will be done by a dental hygienist from Dr. Jace Molinari’s office. She will also offer helpful advice about good nutrition and dental care. The dental cleaning will take place at school during school hours, on Fridays in February or early March. If you are interested, please complete the form below and return it to the health office. The cost is $20.00 per student. Scholarships are available. Please, contact your child’s school health office to inquire about scholarship.

Dental cleaning permission form

4th grade puberty movie (end of May/June)

During the month of May, the 4th grade students will study an important lesson on the early stages of puberty, which many 4th graders are beginning to experience.

Here at WCS we use Always Changing Program that helps boys and girls:

* Understand the physical and emotional changes they experience during puberty, and

acknowledge these changes as a normal part of growth and development.

* Learn the physiology of their bodies and correct terminology for parts of the

reproductive system.

* Understand that personal hygiene is each individual’s responsibility.

In addition, the program helps girls:

* Understand the menstrual cycle.

* Understand what to expect during a period.

* Learn how to manage periods while continuing with normal activities.

The Always Changing Program is based on national research and consultation with school nurses, health educators, parents and medical professionals. The program has been a trusted resource for over 25 years and has been taught to millions of students nationwide.

The program will be taught by the student’s classroom teacher or a familiar teacher on house, and/or school nurse and school counselor. If you have any questions, please contact the Health Office at 871-6170.

**If you do not wish to have your child participate in this lesson and/or view the maturation video, please inform your child’s teacher or school nurse.

The video can be screened by parents by clicking on the links provided:

the coed version:

the girl version:

the boy version:


Prescription Medication Form WCS

Prescription medication permission form:

Please, fill this out if you are sending in emergency medications (asthma inhaler, Epi Pen, Diastat) to keep at school or if your child will be taking prescription medication during school day

EMERGENCY INFO CARD single page.pdf

Emergency health information card:

This form has to be filled out annually in order for us to provide best health care for your child. Please, fill out back and front. On the back indicate whether it is OK to administer over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, Tums, Benadryl, Claritin, cough drops) to your child during school day.

Religious_Exemption 20-21.pdf

Religious Immunization Exemption Form:

For families choosing to use a Religious Exemption note that the form must be signed and submitted to the school each year, after review as required by law of the updated Parent Education document. Families are expected to print the form at home, sign it, and submit it to the school over the summer or upon school entry.

If this form is not received by the school, student will be considered non-compliant with immunizations requirements and may be excluded from school on the first day after December break.