Four Winds

Welcome to Four Winds! Our theme this year is Earth!

What is Four Winds?

Four Winds is a parent-led program designed to give young students an opportunity to study nature both in and around the school. Children learn basic science concepts and practice science skills such as asking questions, making observations, and communicating information. Using prepared materials and an entertaining puppet show, parents will present information about a topic and guide the children through one or two hands-on activities.

What are the topics being covered this year?

This year's theme is Earth: Exploring Our Physical World.

Topics include:

-Sunlight and Shadow (Sept.)

-Erosion (Oct.)

-Rocks and Minerals (Nov.)

-Blanket of Air (Jan.)

-The Nature of Sound (Feb.)

-Water (March)

-Wind and Clouds (April)

-Get Your Bearings (May)

What is the parent commitment?

Parents organize and lead one program each month, lasting about 45 minutes to one hour in Kindergarten and up to 90 minutes for 1st through 4th grade classrooms. Volunteers attend the monthly training sessions held from 8:30-10:30am on the second Wednesday of each month–the first training is on Wednesday, September 13th. There is a Four Winds blog where written materials are posted that parents can use to prepare, and a recording of the training for review. Teachers appreciate the time volunteers spend carefully preparing for and leading the programs.

How can I get involved?

Let your child’s teacher or the Four Winds coordinator know that you are interested in helping. You will be added to a list of volunteers for your child’s class and contacted in the late summer with more information. Feel free to contact the coordinator with any questions.

Williston Schools Four Winds Coordinator:

***If you are interested in helping with the Four Winds Nature program but can’t help in the classroom, we also need help preparing the materials for the units, like puppets and other supplies parents use to teach the units. So if this interests you, please let us know.***