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Established 2020 by CVC-OEI


We here at CVC-OEI are so excited about the benefits of Peer Online Course Review (POCR) and the fantastic feedback we receive from faculty that we have developed tools and resources to help your college design, develop, and deploy its own campus-based POCR program.

This resource center will serve as your institution's central hub to access the resources you will need to establish and lead your local POCR program, network with CVC-OEI and fellow CCCs, and prepare your instructors and reviewers.

To scale the number of faculty with quality aligned courses across the system, we will support colleges in the development and certification of their local POCR process using a combination of professional development, high-touch outreach, a streamlined Course Design Rubric, a simplified course approval process, and building connections across colleges.

To update your Local POCR Lead in our records, please fill out the Updating Your Campus POCR Lead form.

Local POCR Certification Overview: Quick Start

  1. Check-in with your designated OEI Guide (Cheryl, Helen, or Shawn) for local POCR.

  2. Assemble/organize/prepare your local POCR "Club" (the team).
    Contact your campus POCR Lead for details on how to register for the @ONE POCR training course.

  3. Establish local instructor preparation process while inviting interested instructors (Canvas Training, Course Design, and Accessibility).
    strong faculty preparation and training is the key to the ease and success of your review program.

  4. Review and fully align 3 courses, checking each Canvas page and all documents for accessibility

Once you have completed the Quick Start steps and have your three courses reviewed and aligned locally, you're ready to submit the application:

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation of these steps, please watch the first fifteen minutes of this Local POCR Quick Start call.

For full details on POCR certification, review How to Become a POCR Certified Campus.

Local POCR Guides

CVC-OEI Instructional Designers will be serving as your local POCR guides:

Cheryl Chapman


In her current role as an instructional designer, Cheryl guides faculty through the course development and online facilitation process, to produce accessible, engaging and relevant courses, while highlighting Universal Design.

Helen Graves


Helen brings a diverse background in education, marketing, Adlerian psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to her passion for effective instruction.

Shawn Valcárcel


Since 2007, Shawn has taught Music in the CCC system. Before joining CVC-OEI, Shawn worked as an Instructional Designer for @ONE and Mt. San Jacinto College. Additionally, he is an active working musician.

Upcoming Meetings and Archives

Local POCR Check Ins and Norming Sessions

These meetings provide an opportunity to share and learn with CVC-OEI and your CCC colleagues.

Next Meetings:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 10:00am-12:00pm

Past Meetings:

Local POCR Quick Start call archive

The OEI IDs held a Quick Start call intended to offer important tips and ideas for moving forward with your local POCR process. Select the following link to review the archive: