"Where Everybody Belongs"

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What is WEB?

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. The program pairs eighth grade WEB Leaders with incoming sixth graders ("WEBies") for the entire school year. Starting with a half-day Orientation prior to the start of school, eighth grade leaders work with groups of about 10 sixth graders to help them transition to life in middle school. There are events throughout the year where 8th grade leaders teach their 6th graders important information about how to be successful at Canyon and organize fun activities.

Sixth graders also participate in a two week WEB curriculum in their Exploratory class at the beginning of the year, which addresses topics such as importance of individuality, cooperation and communication, and anti-bullying. The overall goal of WEB is to make the transition to middle school easier, and to make Canyon a more friendly and inclusive environment for all students.

The WEB coordinators are Julie Fikse and Kate Stickel. Please contact them with any questions regarding the program if your answers cannot be found on this website.