Trojan Time 

Tuesday 5/14/24

Open - Sign up on TeachMore

Wednesday 5/16/24

Open - Sign up on TeachMore

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General Information & Overview

Trojan Time is a schoolwide support program within the school day that responds to the needs of individual students.  Teachers, counselors, other staff, and students use the TeachMore system to post offerings and schedule appointments.  

A few details:

If your questions are not covered in this website, then feel free to email Candice Tigerman (RtI Coordinator, Spanish teacher) and/or Assistant Principal Steve Hendee (

Student Supports at CVHS

Scroll through the doc or open it in a new tab in order to see more about our school and its resources.

Student Supports at CVHS (23-24)
MTSS at CVHS: Information for families - Spring 2023 website