ALAH HS Library Policy

The library may be used freely before and after school and between class periods as long as space allows. A pass or written permission from a staff member must be obtained to use the library during class time. Faculty may also bring their classes to the library in order to spread out or utilize resources. Please check with Mrs. Munds on the library’s availability.

Study Hall:

The library will host a writing center and math center for students to receive help from their peers during study hall. A Google form will be used for this sign-up. Two Math teachers and two English teachers will also be assigned to the library during this time.

Use of the library will have limited seats and a system will be put into place after mid-term of the first quarter on who is allowed to use the library for study hall. Students assigned to study hall are expected to do the following:

  1. Come to study hall with study materials (books, notebooks, etc.) and spend your time studying.
  2. Have any pass from study hall signed in advance. Passes are valid for one day only.
  3. Maintain a serious study atmosphere. Students are not to talk without permission. If granted permission to talk, students are to be considerate of others.
  4. Students may not be in an unsupervised room and may not check out to other rooms, unless there is a teacher in charge
  5. Follow all rules concerning the use of computers and Internet. Cell phone use is NOT PERMITTED.
  6. Internet use is for the purpose of education and research.
  7. Follow all rules of study hall teacher.
  8. If student is not passing a class and/or is on the eligibility list, the expectation is to be working.
  9. Faculty members may share work to be completed with the study hall supervisor for students that are behind or ineligible.
  10. Games, non-educational videos, etc. are not permitted during study halls.

Faculty are expected to help students use their time wisely. Watching movies, playing video games, etc. is not acceptable. Faculty should work with students to complete missing work as well as current assignments.

Behavior Expectations:

While in the library, please:

  • Be productive and allow others to be productive.
  • Be respectful of others and the library space.

Personal Electronic Devices/Cell Phones:

  • As per the rules in the student handbook, cell phone use in the library is not permitted.

Discipline & Conduct:

  • See Section VI of the student handbook.
  • Any disciplinary issues in the library will be communicated to your study hall teacher along with any consequences assigned.


Library materials must be properly checked out. Most items are due in four weeks, but may be renewed as often as needed unless someone else has placed them on hold. To renew an item, please bring it to the library with you to have the librarian scan it again. You may also choose to create an online account through the library catalog to be able to renew your own items online before they are due (ask a librarian how to setup your account). The ALAH HS Library charges overdue fines at a cost of 10 cents per day. The amount owed for fines from other libraries is determined by the library that owns the materials. Items more than 30 days overdue will automatically be marked as lost and the student billed the replacement cost. Students will be responsible for the replacement cost of any items returned damaged.