Hycianth D'sa is the founder and heart of Curious Caterpillars and the Vineethi Learning Center. She has over 45 years of experience with Montessori and preschool education.

She began her journey with Montessori in 1976 and opened Vineethi in 1987 in a bungalow on Richmond Road. The Montessori House moved to Banaswadi in 1998 and opened its doors to become an inclusive school as well.

"Cynthia Miss" or "Grammy Miss" as she is fondly called, has an AMI diploma and a degree in working with children with special needs and specific learning difficulties. She heads the Learning Needs section of the Montessori House.

Shilpa Naik Machado began her career in a completely unrelated field. She moved into working with children full time after her own children were born. She has over 15 years of experience in working with children of all ages.

Shilpa has a Masters in Human Resources, an AMI diploma in Montessori for 3-6 year olds, a degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Education and multiple certifications in Early Childhood Education and Counselling. She also works with curriculum development and assessments.

Curious Caterpillars is a part of the the Vineethi Learning Center trust and works exclusively with preschool education. She heads all the action at Curious Caterpillars Montessori House.

Archana Singh is our Senior Teacher here at Curious Caterpillars. Archana took to the Montessori Method after brief experiences in different preschool setups. She has a background in Botany, Math and Hindi.

Archana possesses creativity and an ability to understand children, their moods, and their learning styles.

Archana has been with Curious Caterpillars for over 5 years. Her love for Montessori and children has now secured her a Diploma in Primary Montessori Education.

Pearl Peters is our Music and Craft Specialist. Armed with multiple certifications in music and dance from the Trinity School of Music, Pearl brings life to our environment with songs, dance, and her innate love for nature.

Pearl handles the after-school care programme, making sure that all the children follow routine, complete home work, have fun, and cultivate relationships. She brings to school all those old forgotten little arts like knitting, crochet, origami; experiences which have made our day care students fall in love with her! She can be seen sitting on the ground with the children happily singing away while they work.

Pearl's keyboard classes and children's choir " Pearly Notes" are not only fun to be a part of, but take you to a whole new magical world.

Sudha and Bhagya are our Teaching Assistants. Their efficiency and love for children can be seen throughout the day.

From making sure the children are safe and comfortable, to ensuring that "everything has a place and is always in its place", their work is undeniably the most demanding! They have been trained to assist the teachers in the environment and help out with all the programs wherever needed.

Curious Caterpillars is proud of them as they have taken the extra effort to continue studying while they work with us.

Deepak Hariharan is a keen pursuer of the arts. He writes, acts, draws, makes music, and plays video games for relaxation. You could call him the Most Curious Caterpillar as he is constantly trying to learn new things and figure out how things work.

Deepak teaches brass instruments and theatre, and also manages the general administration of the school.