Cumberland High School's Winter Ball

What Do I Need To Know About Winter Ball?

Date: Friday, January 19, 2018

Time: 6pm - 10:30pm (Doors open at 5:30pm and dinner is at 7pm)

Cost: $30.00/Person

Winter Ball Permission Slip:

Guest Form:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do tickets go on sale?

Due to the increased number of students who would like to participate in school functions and in an effort to keep traditions alive, we will be reverting back to how CHS used to sell Winter Ball tickets. Seniors first, then Juniors, and so on. Tickets will ONLY be sold until the given dates shown OR until we sell out. The facility can hold 530 people.

Ticket sale dates are as followed:

                  • Seniors ONLY - 12/14/17 → 12/18/17
                  • Seniors AND Juniors ONLY - 12/19/17 → 12/21/17 OR UNTIL TICKETS SELL OUT
                  • Seniors, Juniors AND Sophomores ONLY - 1/2/17 → 1/4/17 OR UNTIL TICKETS SELL OUT
                  • ALL Classes - 1/5/18 → 1/9/18 OR UNTIL TICKETS SELL OUT

Can I bring someone from a different school?

Yes, we have decided to allow students to bring dates from other schools, however, a student MUST purchase the guest’s ticket WITH their ticket. Non-CHS student tickets CANNOT be purchased individually.

Can I bring someone from a different grade?

Yes, if you are bringing someone from a different grade, the older student can purchase the ticket for BOTH students during their scheduled window. HOWEVER, if you are bringing someone from a different class and purchase their ticket, YOU AND YOUR DATE MUST SIT AT THE SAME TABLE.

Can I come late?

You will only be allowed in after 6:30pm IF you have previously received permission from administration and are placed on the late arrival list. You must request to be on this list by Wednesday, January 17th. If you are going to be late, the cost of the ticket is still $30.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be sold at all four lunches. Tickets are NOT sold before OR after school UNLESS AN ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE TOWARDS THE END OF THE SELLING PERIOD. Students CANNOT leave permission slips in a teacher's mailbox/main or Trans office and assume he/she will be sold a ticket. Permission slips left in a teacher’s mailbox or in either office will be returned to the student WITHOUT a purchased ticket. Students who are sick during any of the ticket sale dates will need to ask a friend to purchase their ticket as NO TICKETS CAN BE HELD FOR ANY STUDENT REGARDLESS OF ILLNESS OR VACATION.

What students will not be allowed to purchase tickets?

Any student on Academic Suspension WILL NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket. If a student on SOCIAL SUSPENSION is able to fix his/her attendance in time and get off social suspension, he/she is still not guaranteed a ticket. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED THAT ANY STUDENT WHO IS ON SOCIAL SUSPENSION SPEAKS WITH A DEAN PRIOR TO THE START OF TICKET SALES. If a student is on academic or social suspension when the tickets are on sale, he/she cannot purchase a ticket REGARDLESS of when the dance falls (For example, if a student gets off academic or social suspension on January 16th, the dance is January 19th and tickets were sold until January 9th, the student still cannot attend).

What happens if the tickets sell out?

Once tickets are sold out, we can no longer offer admittance per fire code. Students can opt to be placed on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE WAITING list. If a student sells back his/her ticket to Mrs. Berthiaume or Miss Hall, the next person on the waiting list will be notified and will receive a ticket with payment and completed permission slip.

What if tickets sell out and I am a Senior?

We are sorry. Once tickets sell out, they are sold out regardless of grade. Seniors will be given the first 3 days of ticket sales, so it is encouraged that Seniors purchase their tickets ASAP.

What if I purchase a ticket and decide not to go OR can’t go?

YOU CANNOT SELL A TICKET TO A FRIEND. We create a check-in list, and if you sell your ticket independently, the student you sell your ticket to WILL NOT be on the list and therefore will be turned away. THE ONLY WAY you can try to receive a refund is to return your ticket to Mrs. Berthiaume (H204) or Ms. Hall (T207) and be placed on a sell back list. Just because you are on this list DOES NOT mean you will receive a refund. We can only refund tickets that we can sell to other students who are on the waiting list. If there are no students on the waiting list, we cannot offer a refund.


In signing the Winter Ball Permission Slip, I understand that in order for the students and guests in attendance have an enjoyable evening, the following guidelines must be observed:

      • Students of Cumberland High School and their guests not enrolled at Cumberland High School must abide by the standards set forth in the CHS Student/Parent Handbook 2017-2018.
      • All Cumberland High School students attending the dance will be held accountable in accordance with school policy for the actions of themselves, their escorts or members driving together.
      • Guests may not be younger than thirteen (13) nor may they be in middle school. Guests may not be older than (20) twenty.
      • CHS students wanting to have a guest attend who is not a CHS student must acquire a guest form and have it signed by the Deans.
      • Assistant principals or Deans will review completed visitor’s forms and reserve the right to exclude guests from CHS events who have prior disciplinary infractions.
      • Possession, under the influence, or consumption of alcohol/drugs at a school-sponsored event is strictly forbidden. This includes consuming or using alcohol/drugs prior to the event. School policy includes parent and police notification and suspension. Police Officers trained to detect the presence of drugs and/or alcohol will be present to assist our chaperones in insuring that all persons attending have a safe and enjoyable evening.
      • All Cumberland High School functions are non-smoking events.
      • There will be no dismissal from this function before 10:00 PM on the day of the dance.
      • Students who are suspended from school or who are on social OR academic probation will not be allowed to attend this function.
      • Students must arrive at the dance by 6:30 PM.
      • Parents must provide a telephone number where they will be available during the hours of the dance.
      • Proper dress required.



        1. Dances sponsored by CHS are open to all CHS students and a limited number of guests. Some dances are limited to certain grades. For example, Junior Prom is open to ticket purchase by all juniors, though other grades may attend if invited by a junior.
        2. Dance tickets must be purchased in advance. All attendees must adhere to the dance contract.
        3. NO TICKETS will be sold at the door.
        4. Students on SOCIAL OR ACADEMIC SUSPENSION cannot attend school dances.
        5. Any form of dancing (i.e. break dancing, slam dancing, grinding) that is deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate will not be tolerated. This includes sexually explicit or violence oriented dancing. All dancing must be done face to face.
        6. Repeat offenders will have their parents notified and will be asked to leave the dance. Such students risk losing the privilege of attending future dances or events.
        7. Appropriate dress is required for school dances. Students who are not dressed appropriately (as determined by the CHS Administration) will be sent home and will not be allowed to attend the next dance.
        8. CHS students are responsible to make certain their guests are appropriately dressed and that they are aware of the behavior and dance guidelines.
        9. Any student for whom there is reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of illegal substances, prior to or during school sponsored activities, may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test.
        10. Functions held away from the school are subject to all of the rules for student behavior at social functions and will be considered as if they were on school grounds.
        11. Students must be in school the day of an event by 10:30 A.M.
        12. Students are NOT ALLOWED TO BE DISMISSED EARLY from school on the day of a dance or on the last day of school before the dance.
        13. Admission to dances closes one half hour after the start of the dance (parents will be called if students have not arrived within one hour of the start). Only students with tickets whose names appear on the list will be admitted. Tickets are not transferable.
        14. No one will be allowed to leave a dance before the scheduled conclusion. If a student does leave the dance without permission, the chaperone will notify parents/guardians and the student will be referred to the Assistant Principal for disciplinary action. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to re-enter a function once he/she has left. A parent or guardian will be called for a ride or permission to leave the dance.
        15. The administration reserves the right to inspect vehicles of any and all students attending dances
        16. Students who are in middle or elementary school may not attend CHS dances. Similarly, guests may not be over the age of 20. Anyone who has previously been excluded from CHS for disciplinary reasons may not attend.
        17. Any student who wishes to bring a guest, who is not a CHS student to the dance, must turn in a completed GUEST FORM to his/her assistant principal. GUEST FORMS can be found in the DEAN’S office. The DEAN must approve the guest form prior to attendance at the dance. All forms are due the day BEFORE the dance. No forms will be accepted the day of the dance. Guests must provide valid ID or school ID.