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Parent Town Hall & Hidden In Plain Sight

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At CHS it is our goal to ensure the safety of all of our students. In an effort to achieve this goal, as an educational community, we have put together this website where students, parents, guardians and community members can "get caught up" on the newest trends that are entering the halls of our schools, and pose a health risk to our students.

We hope that this will act as an aid in keeping parents/guardians informed of what to look for. Additionally, we hope to help begin dialogue between parents/guardians and their children as well as staff members and their students about the hidden dangers that lie in some of their choices.

We thank you for being a partner in helping us to spread this information in hopes of stopping these growing "trends".

Thank you,

The CHS Admin Team:

Tony DiManna - Interim Principal

Michelle Carter - Assistant Principal

Kate McMorrow - Teaching & Learning Coach

Chris Skurka - Dean of Students

Scott Carpenter - Dean of Students

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