Depression & Suicide Cognitions Lab

DaSC Lab - Fall 2022

Interested in joining the DaSC Lab?

Dr. Mandel WILL be accepting applications for students to enroll in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program beginning in Fall 2023. See the Department of Psychology admission website for information on applying. The deadline is December 1, 2022.

Dr. Mandel also mentors MA students in the Psychological Sciences Master's program.

Undergraduate students can also volunteer (1-3 hrs per week) or register for Research Apprenticeship credit (Psy 493: 4-5 hrs per week per credit) during each academic session.

For MA/undergrads interested in joining the lab, email Dr. Mandel ( a CV/resume and a brief description of why you're interested in joining the DaSC Lab.

Meet Our Lab

You can find more details about current lab members on the Lab Members page!

Graduate Students

Olga Revzina

Zohaib Jessani

Marian Ruiz

David Gantz

David Lu

Emily Mitchell

Sarah Hunt

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Marissa Stambaugh

Jill Capraro

Jacklyn Mitaritonna

James Pham

Clare Finney

Becky Roberts


Catharine Krush

Jaesen Evangelista

Adam Zajkowski

Bepherly Turcios

Lizzy Tovar-Martinez

Lydia Raswork

Shane Stori

Raquel Castillo