¡Aprender español es divertido!
Learning Spanish is fun!)

All CTKCS students receive Spanish instruction and will be prepared to take the next step, if they so choose, in their Spanish language education in high school. Learning a second language is fun and makes a person more marketable in the world we live in today.

Spanish instruction is given to all K-5 students once a week as part of the CTKCS Enrichment Program. As I begin their language education in the lower grades, basic vocabulary words and phrases are taught while also integrating fun activities to promote learning the Spanish language.

Jr. High students receive Spanish instruction one semester each year. This is an excellent opportunity to begin putting vocabulary mastered in the lower grades into practice as we move into more conversational Spanish. Students are expected to learn and speak Spanish during our class time together, including project presentations and participating in a bilingual Mass. Practicing with each other is the best way to become more proficient in the Spanish language. Our Jr. High students also learn the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, especially during Hispanic Heritage month. Fun activities are integrated into learning the Spanish language. I love to hear back from our CTKCS graduates who express gratitude for preparing them for their next level of Spanish education in high school.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your student in the Spanish language offered here at CTKCS. Please email me if you have any questions.