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If you are new to the district or returning & need a reminder, below are some resources to help you!

E​ffective Thursday, JULY 7TH​ ​E​duphoria ​will be turned off permanently!

So what does this mean to you?

  • Prior to July 7th if you have EVER logged in and signed up for a workshop in Eduphoria, you'll want to make sure you download your Eduphoria transcript. Directions for doing so can be found HERE. Note: After Eduphoria is turned off, NO ONE (including us in Technology) will have access to your Eduphoria transcript​ and it gone forever​.

  • Beginning July 7th you'll need to use the NEW programs listed ​at the link below and linked on the Staff Portal.

Click the link below to learn more about the programs that are replacing Eduphoria including how to log in to each one! ​

​Goodbye Eduphoria

Powerschool professional Learning:

As you know Eduphoria Strive is going away and all professional learning and meeting sign-ups are moving to PowerSchool Professional Learning.

What does this mean for you?

If you have not downloaded your Eduphoria Transcript, you will need to do that ASAP, like right now. We ARE NOT able to merge the Eduphoria Transcript into PowerSchool Professional Learning because the two programs do not speak to each other. Click here to access the How-To download your Eduphoria Transcript.

Do you have access to PowerSchool Professional Learning?

  • Yes! All current existing employees have access to PowerSchool Professional Learning. Use your CSISD Login credentials to access the program. You can access the program by clicking on the staff portal above and then find the PowerSchool Professional Learning Logo.

  • New Hires have access too, but you need to create a guest account first. Click here to see how to create a guest account. Don’t worry, over the summer we will merge your guest account with your CSISD account and everything will be there.

Do you have How-To Document for the following?:

Yes! We have a google folder full of how-to documents and videos. Please click HERE to access the folder.

TAC (Teacher Access Center) is our student information system that allows teachers to record attendance & grade information for students they teach.
Have an issue with your phone, computer or iDevice? Log in to Eduphoria (using your district username and password) and enter a work order.
Here you'll find details about all CSISD programs as well as details about logging in, basic navigation and tasks, where to go for help when you need it, and some additional resources.
CTF are Campus Technology Facilitators on each campus who provide campus level support with digital learning resources & devices to support teaching &learning.