CSE@IITB Online Semester ICT

Welcome to IITB CSE Department's online-semester ICT resources website.

If you are faculty or TA please start here or use the navigation links to find your way to the resources you need to start teaching online and helping students learn remotely.

If you are a student please start here or use the navigation links to find your way to the resources you need to start learning remotely.

This will be a 'living' web-site - we'll frequently update it as our learning grows from our experience in the online semester.


  • Aug 5, 2020: Students facing problems in getting their laptops configured properly for the online semester can try the following two steps to get help

    • Post your issue on the 'Tech Forum', which is a "stack exchange' type Q&A forum where you can post your technical problems of ICT-tech nature, and your classmates themselves can help you out. Sysads will also monitor this forum and help out if time permits, but we expect that students should help each other. Please note, this forum should not be used for any other discussions. The forum is accessible using your CSE LDAP credentials.

    • To recognize enthusiastic students who answer questions in way that helps many students on this forum, the department is announcing three prizes:

      • Gold Level Contributor: Rs 10,000 each

      • Silver Level Contributor: Rs 5,000 each

      • Bronze Level Contributor: Rs 2,500 each.

The criteria, and how many students to award at each level will be solely left to a relevant Department committee.

    • If all else fails, only then you can file a bug which will be addressed strictly on a 'best-effort' basis - meaning it will be addressed by department sysads only if time permits and there are no other priorities. While filing a bug about your personal computing issues, please choose the "Personal Laptop Issues" category. We'll do our best, but no guarantees.

  • Aug 5, 2020: "Single Sign-On" has been rolled out by Computer Centre, and everyone should register for it. Follow Computer Centre instructions (Home/How To's/Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for SSO). Also see these additional instructions.

  • Aug 3, 2020: Many students are facing problems getting their laptops configured according to instructions on this website. Please note that the sysad team of CSE department is not large enough to support systems administration of hundreds of different individual personal computers. We are putting a peer-supported QA system in place for this purpose, so that volunteer systems enthusiasts from the department can answer your questions and help their classmates/juniors/seniors out. Please wait for our announcement with the details.