Mr. Rodriguez

Academy of Blended Learning


Recognizing the role of the parent as the primary educator, the school strives to assist parents in accomplishing this duty. Saint Catherine of Siena School’s primary concern is in helping students develop religiously, academically, emotionally, socially, and culturally. Our primary goal is to help students develop in those areas and fulfill their greatest potential.

We expect more from our students, and we want them to expect more from themselves.

Building on a long tradition of academic excellence of over 100 years, St. Catherine School and the other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Oakland are committed to distinguishing themselves by providing a consistently excellent and equitable 21st century education across all schools. We are dedicated to developing the unique academic and creative potential of each child, nurturing mind, body, and soul. Inspired leadership, dedicated teachers, supportive learning environments and respect for the God-given dignity of each person are the foundation for student achievement.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of Catholic education in California. Our students receive academics above and beyond the State expectations, and a Christian foundation rooted in Catholic teachings and Gospel values. St. Catherine School belongs to two industry leading independent bodies which govern our certifications. The Western Association of School and Colleges, as well as the Western Catholic Educational Association. Though ultimately, we are all held to His higher standards.

We honor the unique identity of each student while acting as a collaborative community to ensure the academic potential of all students.

At St. Catherine School, we do a great job teaching things like reading, writing, science, and math. But we also spend our time educating the whole child, in mind, heart, and spirit. Our schools are caring communities where children get one-on-one attention, and a strong sense of right and wrong. Our school provide many things that other schools don’t or can’t. We invite you to take some time to see what we believe in, see what we believe is important, and visit some of our schools before you make a decision.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you, and introducing you to all that St. Catherine School has to offer.

Faith…As children grow, they have many questions…about the world, their own identities, powers greater than themselves, and their relationship with God.

Achievement…Focusing on test scores has changed the way many schools teach students these days. At St. Catherine, we take tests seriously and have great results, but we know they are only one measure of success.

Character Development…Distinguishing right from wrong and learning to behave in a world full of troubles and temptations is essential to a childs' character formation. We will do everything we can in partnership with you to raise your child in the right way.

Community & Service…Sharing hopes, dreams, and service experiences is the best way to learn to treat others as you would like to be treated. As children grow and families become connected, the bonds of service and compassion that hold the school, parish, and Martinez communities together become stronger and stronger.

Safety…Individual attention, and the discipline and order that keep children safe, help children focus on what matters.


LMU iDEAL Institute Blended Learning Partnership

Loyola Marymount University: Beginning the 2019 school year, St. Catherine of Siena School, A Lumen Chirsti Academy initiated a partnership with Loyola Marymount University to integrate a methodologically proven Blended Learning Model.

iDEAL Institute: Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership has long been a leader in innovative teaching and learning strategies, and the institute provides a place to explore how students learn in the 21st century. It seeks to foster new and forward thinking ideas in educational technology and its integration into the K-8 classroom for the benefit of students, teachers, and families

Blended Learning personalizes education, shifts the classroom paradigm and gives students the power to learn in the way they prefer, at their own pace and academic level.

  • Teacher-led instruction dynamics will provide teachers more 1:1 time to support students individual needs.
  • Small group instruction and collaborative practice empower students to develop critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Differentiated instruction through adaptive and assignable software generates immediate student-learning data to maximize student growth and success.