Proviso Open Progression Results Have Been Posted

Remember all times have added .24 to convert to FAT.

2019 Indoor Progression Data

Proviso Open Team Meeting Topic (Feb. 14): Chris Downey

Chris Downey was living his dream as an architect with a wife and kids. At 45 years old he was diagnosed with brain cancer. After the successful removal of the tumor, he went blind, but this did not detour him from living his passion as an archetect, husband, and father. He even says it made him better. We don't control what life throws at us. We control our reaction

Chris Downey

Progression data from first meet at Hinsdale Central has been posted.

**All hand times have .24 added to account for hand time to FAT conversion.

2019 Indoor Progression Data

Duel @ Hinsdale Central Team Meeting Topic: Jesse Owens

The team meeting on February 8th, before the Duel @ HC, was about Jesse Owens and his accomplishmens, contributions, and his struggles. An incredible human being who gave a lot to track, but more importantly a lot to human kind. Here are some short exerts but I encourage you to read up even more on Jesse.

Jesse Owens

2019 Speedgate Data Updated! Includes todays(Feb. 2) 40 yard and 10 fly times.

Also last Saturdays(Jan 27) 23 sec workout is posted.


2019 Speed Gate Progression Data

COMBINE DAY (Jan. 19th) posted below!

Combine Day 2019

Weight Room Training Groups and Expectations:

  • Keep yourself accountable - Every Rep, Every Set, Every Day gets recording into Team Builder app.
  • Accountability of the Group - If someone in your group is not keeping up on record keeping, be a solid teammate and a solid leader. Remind your teammates. If someone in your group is not tracking of their lifts in Team Builder, this is a failure of the group.
  • Keep Pace - Someone in your group should be lifting at all times! All lifts should be able to be done within 30-35 minutes if done at the correct pace.
  • Spot - When needed spotters need to take their job seriously.
  • Be present - Concentrate on each lift including technique, form, pace, etc...
  • Lead by example - Get the job done right and others will follow.
Weight Room Training Groups


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