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What Are School Counselors? School counselors are professional educators who have a master’s degree or higher in school counseling. They are certified or licensed by the state in which they work. School counselors possess the qualifications and skills necessary to address the full array of students’ academic, personal, social, and career development needs. School counselors advocate for and care for students, and are important members of the educational team. They consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and families to help all students be successful academically, vocationally and personally. School counselors are on the front lines helping all young people succeed, impacting their futures on a daily basis.

About Crystal City Elementary's Counselor: Mrs. Waites graduated from Crystal City High School in 1994. She is a K-12 Certified School Counselor and holds an Elementary Education Certificate in the State of Missouri for grades 1-6. She is currently working on completing her Initial Psychological Examiner Certification at Southeast Missouri State University. She completed her Masters in Counseling at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO. She has worked as an educator in the State of Missouri for the last 19 years. She taught in the Crystal City School District for two years, before becoming the High School Counselor for 17 years.

Need Help?

  • Parents/Guardians may call or email the Counseling Office and make an appointment to see Mrs. Waites, about their child. Counseling Parent Referrals and Consent Forms are located below.
  • The Counseling Office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, on days that school is in session (but the counselor may be in classes or covering other duties and out of the office at times--please set up an appointment in advance if possible so you don't have to wait). Contact Mrs. Waites at waitess@crystal.k12.mo.us or 636-937-4017 ext 2105.

Some reasons a parent may want to contact the counselor are:

  • Social adjustments
  • Emotional concerns
  • Family problems
  • School progress
  • Arranging conferences and referrals
  • Parents, teachers, and students should see a School Counselor if a student is having difficulties with personal, social, or academic issues. The School Counselor's Office has information in regards to community programs. This information is made available upon request.

As a parent/guardian, if you want the elementary school counselor to meet with your student, please complete and submit this form.

As a student, if you wish to meet with the elementary school counselor, please complete and submit this form.

Resources and websites with information regarding depression, anxiety, suicide and much more.

Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative

School Counseling Lessons, in the classrooms, focus on the Character Word of the Month.

Positive Behavior Support seeks to replace outdated school handbook language of “you can’t” with behavioral modeling that gives students the tools to create an environment conducive to learning and rewards them when they behave respectfully to each other and to their teachers.

Bullying Incident Report