Trezor Suite App (Official) | | Setup your new Trezor – Journey to set up a new wallet account

In the world of crypto trading, one needs to use a crypto wallet that can assure them with 100% security. Asset security is the primary concern for people nowadays, as it should be due to the rise in cyber security crimes in the industry. You cannot trust any website or link online, especially in the case of software wallets, most of them are most likely to be a scam. To avoid getting trapped in this kind of scam, one needs to only use the official websites or the links to execute any type of procedure. Along with this, it would be much better if the people would also start to follow some common security measures. We will discuss the security measures further in the article, but for now, we will present you with one of the top wallets, Trezor hardware Wallet.

In this article segment, we will tell you about how one can set up their digital crypto wallet account on Since hardware wallets are a little different to understand, we have prepared the guide for you in simple language. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly get started with the guide.

Installation of the Suite Application

This is because the wallet does not work without the Trezor Suite application. The people must use this application while working with this device. So, the installation procedure of this application came in first. One can get his application either on a mobile device or on a computer device. But don’t worry, we will surely present you with the installation procedure for both. So, let us not take any further of your time and begin the procedure:

Trezor Suite Mobile Application

Commencing with the guide to installation on the Mobile app. Generally, people prefer to go for the mobile application as it gives traders easy and time-saving access to their accounts. So, here is the process:

And with this, we have the mobile application of Trezor Suite on your device.

Desktop Application

Now, we are on the installation procedure of the desktop application. It is also a straightforward process to follow. So, take a look at the procedure below:

So, this was the procedure of installation using the

New account setup

Now, we will tell you about the steps of the wallet account setup on the Trezor device. Thus, if you want to start using this wallet, follow the steps as stated here. We tried to simplify this procedure for you here so that it is easy for you to execute the steps:

And with the execution of all these 10 steps, you will have your wallet account with the help of

Logging in to Trezor

This is the only process that one has to perform regularly, through this procedure, you will get access to your device, whenever you want it. Do not worry, the login procedure is not that hard to follow, just give this below procedure a look and perform the stated method.

And with these five steps, the login procedure is complete. For any doubt or query, you can contact get in contact with the support system.

Final Thoughts!

Now, we end our explanatory wallet setup guide here, we hope that this content answers all of your questions that you might have. Further, the blog section and the support team executives are also available to take up your doubts. And if you do not want to contact the support team at this early stage, then get advice from the existing users of We agree that the price of the Trezor wallets can be a bit high, but you need to look at the bigger picture. The asset security of your stored funds in the crypto industry is a kind of huge deal for the people. So, take a chance and order any one of the Trezor wallet devices as per your choice. Compare the wallets through its official website here and place the purchase order. Once you receive your order set it up according to the manual we’ve stated above.