MetaMask Chrome : Getting Started with MetaMask

MetaMask Chrome- Enjoy token swaps, NFT, and crypto storage all under one roof 

Using MetaMask on Chrome web browser is one of the easiest ways to start utilizing the benefits that come included with the MetaMask wallet. In case you are new to MetaMask, you must be looking for instructions on getting started with MetaMask Chrome. In that case, I would suggest you stick to this read where I will walk you through the pathway that will allow you to kick-start your crypto storage journey with this platform. But, before I guide you on anything else, let me give you a brief introduction to this wallet first.

So, we will begin by understanding what is MetaMask.

What is a MetaMask wallet? 

Cryptocurrency wallets are trending the same way crypto trading does. Using crypto wallets is an inevitable part of someone's crypto trading journey. Particularly speaking about the MetaMask wallet is a hot crypto wallet that you can use to safeguard your crypto assets. Though, the wallet does not support Bitcoin, however, it supports all the crypto assets built on the Ethereum blockchain including ERC-20 tokens. This non-custodial wallet makes you the sole in-charge of all the assets or private keys in your wallet.

How to download the MetaMask Chrome extension? 

Talking about the usage of this wallet, we all know that this wallet works well with browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. In addition to that, the wallet also works well on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. But, in this particular section, we are going to guide you on installing the MetaMask Chrome extension for which the steps are listed below:

Note: If you are not using the Chrome browser, but using any other browser that we have listed above, then you can pick your preferred browser icon from the download page and then follow the prompted instructions.

Steps to set up a new wallet on MetaMask Chrome 

The world of Web3 is larger than your imagination and hence creating access to this world is pretty necessary. If you are done installing the MetaMask extension on your device, then you can follow the steps listed below to get started:

What is the MetaMask Chrome extension latest version? 

The latest version of the MetaMask extension is 11.11.4 as of March 2024. If you are running on a version lower than this, then you can follow the steps that are listed below to update your MetaMask wallet to its latest version. In case you are not willing to follow this process, then you can install the latest version by uninstalling the current version and re-installing the MetaMask Chrome extension once again. Here are the easy steps you need to follow to initiate the process:

How to fix it when MetaMask Chrome does not work? 

There are some working methods you can try if you wish to resolve any issues while using the MetaMask Chrome extension. In case you are looking forward to resolving the problem, then you can follow the steps listed below:


Those who want to up their crypto trading game can choose MetaMask wallet for this purpose. This wallet comes into action when you need to store ETH or ERC-20 tokens that you have purchased recently. The best thing about MetaMask is that it works with some other networks as well such as Binance Smart Chain. However, you need to add any supported network to MetaMask Chrome manually. In case you continue to face issues with MetaMask even after performing these remedies, then you can certainly reset your wallet or import it on another device.