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Supported by all common web browsers, Metamask wallet is a flexible product in the market that is used to access Ethereum and the advantage of it is that it supports multiple blockchains. It also enables you to create your own identities and also gives a warning when you are about to enter a website that may involve Phishing. This article will basically brief you about some of the common topics related to Metamask like Metamask wallet, Metamask wallet login, downloading Metamask browser extension, etc.

Steps to download Metamask browser extension

To create your own Metamask wallet you will first need to download the Metamask extension for your browser. The steps to do this are almost the same for almost every commonly used browser. So we are going to guide you on this with reference to Chrome.

 So the steps to install Metamask chrome extension are:

The point to be noted is that for mobile, you will have to download the Metamask application from the respective app store as extensions are not supported on mobiles.

Metamask wallet

Before we can log in on Metamask wallet we need to make an account

Steps to do the same are :

After this, your wallet will be created and a Metamask wallet address will be assigned to you. So now you can Metamask login with a password.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Metamask:



 Procedure to setup Metamask wallet 

Troubleshooting for Metamask

Are you facing problems in using Metamask? We have some decent solutions for you and they are as follows:

Perks of using Metamask


We have tried our level best to explain to you and instruct you on all the initial things you need to know about Metamask. We hope this article has brought clarity and has helped you in some way.