Coinbase Wallet - Your key to the world of crypto

Crypto wallets have been introduced a long time ago after the launch of cryptocurrencies. But as time passed some issues were reported by the investors relating to the working of the wallet. And, as a result of it, a number of improvements were made. And extensions are one of the resolutions to the issues reported by investors.

The Coinbase Wallet app no doubt is a convenient method to organize your digital funds anytime. Many investors access their wallets through the mobile app only however, a few prefer working through the web. Getting the mobile app of the wallet and managing it via the mobile device is quite an easy task to do, but what if it comes to an extension?

This is what we are going to discuss through this read.

Coinbase Wallet desktop: Accessing the wallet through the extension on the web

Earlier investors can access this wallet through its mobile app only. Later on, after watching the necessity of the investors the team of developers come forward with the idea of launching an extension for the wallet that can support the working of the wallet through the web plugin.  In order to access the wallet through the browser, the investors have to first download Coinbase Wallet extension on their devices and after installing an authentic extension on their respective devices, they can further enjoy carrying out their wallet activities through the extension.

Now comes the question- how many extensions are there that support the working of this wallet?

And relating to this people have even searched for the Coinbase Wallet Firefox extension, so we are here with an answer to all your queries relating to its extension.

Unlike MetaMask, this wallet comes with a limited extension. To date, this wallet has Chrome as a standalone extension that lets investors manage their funds through their computers/laptops.

If you are about to install an extension for your wallet, then for the safer side, we suggest you kindly get it from the official website of this wallet.

Is really Coinbase wallet free to use?

Yeah. The wallet is totally free to use. However, the users have to pay a certain amount of fee which is involved in the processing of a transaction. A network fee is imposed for sending the funds. Further, there is no fee charged for receiving the assets.

Creating a Coinbase Wallet through the web plugin

Just like Coinbase sign up, the investors who are desirous of taking advantage of the services introduced by this wallet have to first create a wallet in their name. So, if you were wandering to know the detailed steps involved in creating a wallet then just follow the below-laid steps in the provided order:

Unlock your Coinbase Wallet to execute the further activities

Done with the steps involved in creating a wallet?

Great!! The process hasn’t ended here. There is another important step- Coinbase wallet login, which permits the investors to get into their wallet and perform the activities relating to it. The steps to be performed for unlocking the wallet are:

Performing the listed steps will let you land into your wallet and permit you to execute the trading activities involved in it. You can even check your Coinbase wallet address by entering it into your account. To know the information relating to the address you can visit the “Help Center” of this wallet.

Here’s how to eradicate the Coinbase wallet not working issue

Issues are a part of working and thinking of having operations without facing any issues is quite imaginary. However, the reality is just the opposite. The users often come across several issues that might be a result of some technical glitch or problem with their operating device.

 By crafting this section, we have tried to help you learn the basic resolutions associated with the not working issue of the Coinbase wallet. The listed measures are really simple and will surely help you in wiping out the error.

Have a quick look at them:

By attempting these simple practices you will be able to get rid of this issue without seeking help from any technical team or from anyone. So, if you ever come across this issue in the future, then you can try practicing the listed measures.

Are you at a sea?- The saviour is here

Coinbase Wallet customer support service is there for you every time. Whenever you get perplexed or have any query relating to the operations or the tasks to be performed while accessing this crypto wallet, you can without any hesitation get in touch with the support team of this wallet. The dedicated team investigates the complete matter and then comes forward with an effective resolution.

Final Lines

Coinbase Wallet is a free-to-use hot crypto wallet that comes with advanced trading options to help investors experience sound crypto trade. The wallet is suitable for both novice and experienced investors because of its simplicity and easy navigation. If you are about to get the ball rolling in the crypto world then get this wallet today by just creating an account in your name. To get an overview of the same, study the information provided on the official website of this wallet. If you want to know about the Coinbase exchange then do visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Coinbase wallet?

The login process is the key that unlocks the gate of the wallet. Thus, to access this wallet, investors have to simply provide login credentials true to their knowledge. As a result of this, they will get landed into their wallet account.

How do I add wallet to Coinbase wallet?

The steps to connect the Ledger wallet to this wallet are:

Is transferring crypto between wallets taxable?

To answer it in simple words, transferring the funds within the wallets that you own is not subject to tax. Further, if you are selling or trading the assets then it falls under the tax criteria under the head “Capital Gains”.