Rock Your Meeting is a video-based discussion series designed to help you grow in skills for planning and presenting weekly meetings on your campus. Program teams, worship teams (both band and tech), emcees, and communicators will find helpful principles they can put into practice.

How to Use Rock Your Meeting

Option 1: Take 15 minutes to watch and discuss one video each time your team meets.

Option 2: Dedicate one entire meeting to watching and discussing a group of videos.

Discussion Categories

Time-tested principles to help you communicate a message that your audience will notice and remember. (Six sessions)

Foundational principles and practical ideas for everyone involved in musical worship, from band to tech team. (Four sessions plus a bonus demonstration video)

Elements of a musical worship set and a framework to help you plan one. (Six sessions)

Insights on the role of the emcee and practical suggestions on how to introduce both speakers and events. (Four sessions)

A variety of principles and tips to guide your program team from brainstorming through final production. (Six sessions)