I Am From

Cultural Conversation Cards

Everyone Has a Culture

“Where am I from?” This is a profound question if we consider how we are deeply influenced by our past, our families and our day-to-day cultural experiences. Everyone has a culture, but do we feel confident to talk about it? Imagine easier and enjoyable conversations that can lead to closer relationships and spiritual transformation. These are the conversations that I Am From: Cultural Conversation Cards can help us to have!

Created by a Diverse Team of People

These cards were co-created by over a dozen racially, ethnically and culturally diverse women and men. They designed these cards to help anyone better understand their own and others’ cultural journeys and experiences. They also help people feel seen, be known, bond with others and become more empathetic and culturally self-aware.

Five Dynamic Uses

Though there are other creative ways to use these cards, many have found these cards to be particularly good for the following:

  • Deepen Relationships – I Am From can deepen relationships with strangers or those you know very well. It encourages people to share significant parts of their stories which are often overlooked.
  • Build Team Unity – I Am From can help people better understand each other’s values, histories and experiences. This can greatly encourage teamwork and make it easier to identify and resolve conflict.
  • Increase Cultural Awareness – I Am From can help people better understand their own cultural journeys and better listen to and understand people from any culture.
  • Enhance Evangelism – I Am From helps people to connect lost people’s deepest desires to the gospel and connect the gospel to their cultural beliefs, values and experiences.
  • Accelerate Discipleship – I Am From can help disciplers quickly understand a disciple’s background and carefully identify the lies they believe, their unresolved pain, and where they most need grace and truth.