Welcome to the Hillcrest General/Vocal Music website! Here at Hillcrest, all students in Kindergarten through 6th grade come to music class once a week. Children will participate in many of the following activities: singing, dancing, playing melodic and percussion instruments, listening to and evaluating music, reading and writing music notation, and learning about the instrument families. You can click on each grade level in the "General Music Classroom" tab to find specific things your child will be learning about this year. Additionally, each child will explore rhythm, harmony, timbre, melody, and form.

By the end of sixth grade, our students will be able to:

If you are interested in Private Lessons for your child, here is a list of CR Approved Tutors.


The primary purpose of the Council Rock music curriculum is to provide and maintain a program of music education that will benefit all students. Individual abilities, interests, and needs are met through the availability of classroom general music, instrumental instruction, vocal instruction, performing groups, and through special course offerings. Continuing efforts are made to discover aptitudes and encourage development of those abilities. Emphasis on the fundamentals of music is stressed through a conceptual approach which utilizes study, composition, analysis, listening, and performance of a selected music literature. Representative repertoire will include music of a wide range of periods, styles, cultures, forms, composers, and technology.