Mr. Coach Ups

P.E. & Health

"Eat right, exercise, everyday and night!"

If anyone can do it, you can.

If you have the munchies, go for the crunchies, fruits and vegetables make great snacks!

Welcome to Elementary Physical Education and Health!

To give you a sound bite of how I am attempting to bring out each students greatness, keep reading! My main goal is to travel significantly deeper than the learning standards with character building, empowerment and work ethic all while being safe. Each class period begins with a brief overview of our objectives to set the framework for that hour.

We then begin our warm up which has a voice recording with music giving students directions so that I can address individual students needs with continuing positive reinforcement traveling the perimeter. Half of the class begins practicing locomotor movements (skipping high and long, galloping, sliding, jogging, hopping, karaoke) on the out track area and the rest of the students practice skills with manipulates such as balance boards, catching nets, hula hoops, basketball, stomp and catch, scarves, snow cone catchers, jump ropes, bean bags, reaction balls, jester sticks, balancing plates and footballs. We then find our pulse together and track our heart rate.

Next, exercises continue with the voice recorder and music to maximize feedback. Together we complete, curl ups, push ups, bridges, super heroes, stretches, miners, leg lifts while acknowledging our muscle location. From time to time we cut out this routine when we are learning large skill sets for adequate practice time.


From each standard we we learn a skill and apply it through a life trait game. Throughout the school year the students will experience 30+ of these exciting activities. Don't be surprised if students are sharing information about healthy nutritional choices in the household. Food is fuel. Good energy in ='s good energy out :)

Each class has a football that represents them which moves forward down the behavioral football field. The reward for scoring a touchdown is a class vote from 6 of their favorites game recognized by students that day. Classes can earn up to 20 yards per class, but that not an easy task!


Finally, 3rd and 4th grade students will be taking their physical fitness tests to gauge their level of fitness. The test will be taken in early September and Late May so that students can set goals for themselves to improve. Testing measures curl ups and push ups for strength and muscular endurance, pacer for respiratory and muscular endurance, sit and reach for flexibility and height and weight for BMI.

*Don't forget to check out field day and extra curricular activities under events and sports!