Post-Secondary Conferences

Conference Dates

January 7th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 8th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 9th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 10th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 11th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 14th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

January 15th 7:45 am - 1:05 pm

Dear Junior Parents/Guardians:

Every student has different ideas for life after high school. The Guidance Department is committed to helping each student develop a plan to get ready for the next step after graduation in June 2020. Juniors will participate in a college and career planning lesson including reintroduction to the Naviance online program during the month of December. We invite parents to schedule an initial appointment with their student, and their student’s guidance counselor, to discuss post-secondary planning. Appointments begin on January 7th and run through January 15th. Please schedule a meeting by following the instructions below. We look forward to assisting your student through this exciting process!

Guidance Contacts

(860) 632-4845

Deacon Chapin (Counselor)

Alicia Melillo (Counselor)

Rebecca Stillman (Counselor)

Cathy Guzzardi (Secretary)

How do I schedule an appointment?

All parent/guardian conferences are scheduled through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account on the Portal Website only. Here is the link to the portal Link . Parents/Guardians with more than one child in the district can schedule appointments for each child separately. If you are unable to schedule through the Parent Portal please contact the Guidance department directly.

*****The option is currently not available through the App or on a smartphone.*****

Select the Request Interview Icon

Click on the Event Name dropdown box and select a date

You can click on any time slot(s) marked available by your student’s counselor.

After selecting time slot(s) click on Submit Request(s) at the bottom of the screen.

Please enter your first and last name in the “Who is Attending” box

Click to check the confirm box

Click the Confirm Request(s) button

After clicking on the Confirm Request(s) button, you are all set!

How to Review or Delete an Appointment

Select the Review Interviews Icon

Click on the Event Name dropdown box and select the date you scheduled

If you need to change or delete the appointment click on Delete Appointment. To reschedule follow “How do I schedule an appointment” from above.