Placing Students First!

Board of Education Members

Celina Kelleher, Chairman - contact:

Kathryn Russ, Secretary

Laurie Cantwell

Kelly Cloutier

Kelly Franklin

Alyssa Goduti

Stephen Heizman 

Alan Schumann

Matt Zabroski


1. Individuals are welcome to address the Board of Education for up to 3 minutes each during the public comment portions of the meeting, but Board members will not generally engage in dialogue. The Board of Education chair may at his/her discretion extend the time for public comments.

2. Speakers must come to the podium and share your name and address.

3. To facilitate efficient sharing of your comments, we encourage you to share any comments you may have about instruction, discipline or learning materials first with your student’s teacher, then principal and followed by the superintendent before bringing the comments to the Board of Education. However, if you do not believe your comments have been addressed appropriately or if you believe they should be shared with the Board of Education for any other reason, please feel free to do so. Any complaints or concerns about individual Cromwell Board of Education employees should be directed to the Superintendent and the BOE in writing, rather than in Public Comments at Board of Education Meetings.

4. All comments must not include personal attacks, and comments cannot be discourteous, threatening, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate. The Board Chairperson may, at his/her discretion, curtail any public comments or terminate any such individual’s privilege of address, at any time, if they violate any of these rules, violate reasonable standards of decorum, are boisterous or are repetitious. The Board of Education reserves the right to limit public comments to particular topics. 

5. The Cromwell Board of Education values the well-being of our students and families. Those electing to make public comments at a Cromwell Board of Education Meeting are strongly discouraged from sharing identifiable information of their child(ren) in such comments, including, but not limited to: name, age and learning ability and are reminded that any comments made during a Cromwell Board of Education Meeting become a permanent matter of public record that may be accessible by individuals in the future. As such, any person making public comments during a Cromwell Board of Education Meeting is solely responsible for the information they choose to share. We kindly ask that you consider the privacy of your family and your child(ren) while making comments.