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Dear Crivitz School District Families, 

Welcome to the School Nurse/Health Services information page!

We, Stacie Witt, RN, BSN and Michelle Schounard, Health Services Assistant, are proud to be a part of this great team of professionals dedicated to helping your child(ren) learn, grow, and achieve their potential. Our role in the health services office is to make sure that your child's health needs are met, so they can focus their attention and energy on learning.

Contact us at any time at either 715-854-2721 x347, or  Your communication, feedback, participation and support are always greatly appreciated! We thank you for all you do! 


Healthy Students are Better Learners 

"Student health encompasses a wide range of complex topics including physical health, safety, mental health, and social-emotional health. Evidence shows that student health is closely linked to academic achievement, including academic performance, classroom behavior, and cognitive skills and attitudes." 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2014 

District Wellness Policy/Triennial Assessment


Emergency Action Plan-Asthma


Click here: Asthma-Emergency Action Plan 

Emergency Action Plan-Allergic Reaction


Click here: Allergic Reaction-Emergency Action Plan 

Emergency Action Plan-Diabetes


Click here: Diabetes-Emergency Action Plan 

Emergency Action Plan-Seizures


Click here: School Seizure Action Plan  

Prescribed Medications


Click here: Prescribed Medication Form 

Over-the-Counter or Short-Term Prescription Medication


Click here: OTC/Short-term Prescription Medication Form 

Student Immunization Record/Waiver


Immunization Requirements 

Click here: Student Immunization Record/Waiver

Kindergarten Vision Exam Form

The State of Wisconsin encourages parents of Kindergartners to arrange for their child’s eyes to be examined by an optometrist or evaluated by a physician by December 31 of the child’s first year in school.

Click here: Kindergarten Eye Exam 

“Nursing encompasses an art, a humanistic orientation, a feeling for the value of the individual, and an intuitive sense of ethics, and of the appropriateness of action taken.”Myrtle Aydelotte