DATA Workflow

Development & Support


  • Claris / FileMaker No Code Platform for Development and Hosting
  • Onsite and Cloud Hosting
  • Desktop, Web, Mobile Clients
  • API Integrations


  • Large, Medium or Small Busineses
  • Manufacturing, Publications, Inventory, Marketing and Others
  • Workgroup Collaboration


  • Streamline Multiple Workflows With No Dual Entry and More Accurate Information
  • Better Results for Clear Decision Making
  • Simple, Effective Technology
  • Lower Overall Costs of Ownership
  • Secure Control of YOUR Data

Requirement Process

  • Define Your Wish List, What Are Your Sore Spots?
  • Separate Your List Into Needs and Nice to Haves
  • Define the Requirements
  • Define the Data Model
  • Define the Core Tables
  • Define the User Functionality
  • Define a Timeline

Estimate Process

  • Estimate Presentation
  • Hourly Rates or Project Milestones Depending on Scope and Requirements
  • Project Acceptance
  • Estimate Reviews
  • Review Long Term Needs

Build Process

  • Build Milestones
  • Live Onsite Development Sessions
  • Functionality Reviews


  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support
  • Followup Support
  • Initial Configurations
  • Customization
  • Admin and User Training


  • 20+ Years Experience Listening to Customer’s Needs; Developing Plans and Solutions to Meet Their Specific Requirements
  • Easy to Work With
  • Can Translate Technology Into Real World Answers
  • Flexible Invoicing



Roseville, Mn