Your digital anamnesis Module


Why not have patients fill out their medical history before their initial consultation?

MedITEX Survey allows your patients to complete their medical history from the comfort of their homes.

Simply email your personalized anamnesis form to patients and get them back into MedITEX hassle-free.

YOur benefits

✓ Immediate workload reduction in many areas of the clinic

✓ Critical patient data is available to the doctor even before meeting the patient

✓ Data is provided by the patient

✓ No communication errors

Video tutorial

For more information, watch our tutorial on how to use our new module!



Here you can quickly and easily create a patient profile for your old and new patients by entering their names and e-mail addresses. The patients will then receive a confirmation mail.

In addition, a link will be sent to the patient portal of MedITEX-Survey. There, the patients will find the medical history form of your clinic as well as a personalized explanation text.

As soon as the patients have returned their questionnaires, you will receive a notification and can view the status of all your patients' questionnaires in the admin area.


If a couple wants to register, this works via the button "Create couple". There, both patients are specified, who can then fill out their medical history forms in the same way.

In addition, a main account can be selected for the pair option, which marks the contact person.

If the patient has asked a question about the medical history sheet, you can answer it immediately with the answer function. In addition, you always have the option of adding your own internal notes, which can only be viewed by the admins.

After the survey has been filled out correctly by the patient, you can import it into MedITEX with just a few clicks. To do this, you add the MedITEX Patient ID to the respective MedITEX Survey Profile.

With the help of the individual MedITEX IDs of your patients, you can store the medical histories of the respective persons in MedITEX. To do this, click on "Import medical history (MedITEX Survey)" in MedITEX and the medical histories are immediately assigned to the correct IDs and patients. A green check mark will then appear under the questionnaire status in MedITEX-Survey to indicate that the import was successful.

Customization options for your clinic

Add customized questions

Personalize the welcome and information text


You can customize the MedITEX Survey layout if you click on “settings” on the navigation bar to the left. Next to the clinic name and the color of the program/module background, admins can also adjust the security settings for both the patient and clinic side. This includes the automated logout time as well as the registration expiry for the invitation links.

To add your clinic’s logo, simply upload an appropriate file. It will be shown in the e-mails and the anamnesis forms.


The option “Survey setting” allows you to personalize invitation e-mail text sent to your patients as well as the consultation e-mail. The consultation e-mail will be sent to the patient if you need them to apply adjustments to the questions. This send-back feature allows communication between the patients and the clinic, and it can easily be turned off.

Additionally, you can change the survey info text which the patients will find next to the anamnesis form. Here you can give general information about the survey, which will help the patient fill out the questionnaire correctly. This info text can also be turned off, if desired.

Under “survey settings”, you can find the section “my surveys” where you can adjust the displayed questions in the questionnaire on the right. You can easily check or uncheck the visibility or import of questions and add your own queries. On the left, you can find the adjusted anamnesis form, which the patients will see later.


The section “administration” allows you to create clinic users, that can work on the website, have access to the patient data and can apply adjustments to the program.

Any changes that have been made by an admin can be seen under “change log”, which shows all activities with user, old and new values, date and time.

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