California Nurses Association supports members' self-care, including asking for support.

"We know and appreciate how hard you are working on behalf of your patients during this unprecedented pandemic. We stand beside you in fighting for the best protections for your patients and yourself. Part of that protection is to support one another.

We are pleased to let you know that the Alameda County Crisis Counseling Services is offering a free, confidential, and non-judgmental support line for California workers in health care settings responding to COVID-19. Though we are being called heroes, we know we are only too human. You might be noticing signs of your own distress, including problems eating, sleeping, remembering, and thinking clearly. A confidential talk with a genuine and concerned volunteer professional, who understands the impact of trauma on workers in health care settings, can help you regain your equilibrium. Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to have others take care of you during these trying times.

If you would like to use these services

please call 1-510-420-3222

(Free, professional, confidential, and available 24/7)"

Local NPR Station KQED Describes StayingStrong Support Line in a June 24 piece on the impact of police violence and covid 19 on Black Health Care Workers.

Our Mission Statement

To provide brief emotional support, assistance, and affirmation to all California workers in health care settings.


This service is provided in a partnership between Crisis Support Services of Alameda County, and the Alameda County Psychological Association.


· We anticipate ongoing stresses on workers in health care settings as a result of the pandemic itself and the challenging working conditions associated with it.

· All those who work in health care settings are bearing the brunt of this evolving situation.

· We, too, experience stresses, and reach out for support as we need it.

· Scientific studies, first person accounts, and media reports indicate that health care workers who have served Covid-19 patients have experienced major stresses and psychological challenges.

· We are providing a dedicated call-in number for emotional support for all who work in health settings in California.

· Workers calling this line can expect to receive attentive listening, acknowledgment and affirmation, and information, as needed, about grief, stress, and normal reactions to unprecedented situations. Where appropriate, we will also provide basic information about coping, ways to find more detailed coping resources, and referral to mental health services.

The Need

The extreme stress and strain on health care workers caring for patients with the Covid-19 virus has been established through scientific study, first person accounts, health care workers and family members speaking out on media, and other news accounts. We acknowledge that these workers’ needs and concerns require multiple sources of assistance and support. Our colleagues are offering multiple resources for emotional support, including free and low cost psychotherapy for health care workers. We are providing an emotional support line for health care workers.

We believe that the availability of support, affirmation, information, and referral, in keeping with principles of Crisis Response and Psychological First Aid, offered on an as-needed basis, will complement other resources during this critical time.

The Responders

Licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, chaplains, licensed marriage and family therapists, and people trained in crisis line counseling are ready to take your call.