Since the development of the personal computer and their almost universal adoption by businesses we have seen a rapid escalation in the electronic transfer of information. This, in more recent years, has been leveraged by the internet and cloud based computing.

My experience of the change from paper to digits commenced with the production on CD of a series of technical documents that controlled the use of ships used in the offshore oil and gas construction industry. My job was to write the procedures to international quality standards, control their updates and issue both as paper and electronic copies.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I began introducing simple illustrations into the documents followed by photographs, as the technology would allow. Video followed along with simple animations to became the “icing on the cake”.

The years of technical progress brought down cost and simplified previously complex technical issues. So now we are able to offer, to even the smallest of businesses, communication and management options that only a few years ago were considered to be out of reach.


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