CSPS Learning @ HOME

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Learning Guidelines

Attendance/Roll Call

Attendance can be recorded during learning from home due to isolation. Students are to complete activities and send them via Seesaw and/or email to their classroom teacher. Attendance will be amended on a daily basis.

Learning FROM HOME Tasks

Ideas for school work whilst in isolation

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

During these unprecedented times many families are finding themselves in isolation at home for seven days. The Department of Education and Training have advised that full Remote Learning will not be provided for students who are isolating at home.

If your child is completing work at home whilst in isolation please advise the school via a Compass attendance note (in the comments section) so that their absence can be recorded as learning from home. Please note that work will need to be completed and uploaded to Seesaw or shared via Google in the morning session prior to the roll being completed for the afternoon learning session.

The attached grids provide some ideas for learning activities that can be completed at home at this time.

Google Meetings will be provided at specific times throughout the day if requested by the family. Please email your classroom teacher if you would like to arrange Google meeting times. The staff email address can also be found on the school website.

The Department of Education and Training have also provided links to a variety of sites which may be of help to you whilst at home with your children. Please click on the links to see activities from the Victorian Curriculum presented by Year level or curriculum area.

The New South Wales Department have also provided links to comprehensive learning packages for each year level. Please click on the link to view these.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries,

Karen Halket

Assistant Principal

Be prepared for learning

  • Have all laptops and/or devices fully charged.

  • Have pens, paper or books ready if required.

  • Engage fully in online work without any background distractions.

  • Try to sit at a desk or table, keep a good posture and get up and have a short walk around if needed to ensure students don't get too stiff

  • Make sure the workspace has appropriate lighting, to avoid straining eyes.

Google Meet ettiquette

  • Be in an appropriate location, be respectful, use an appropriate background if necessary, stay muted unless asked for input from teachers.

  • Have the microphone muted unless contributing to the conversation.

  • Teachers will still manage the classes with standard expectations and processes used here at school.

  • Unacceptable behaviour will be addressed by the teacher using the normal classroom procedures. If unacceptable behaviour continues students may be removed from the lesson and follow up disciplinary action will be taken.

  • Don’t use mobile phones and/or other devices during Google Meets.

  • Stay focused during online lessons. Don’t be chatting, gaming or checking social media.

Teacher support

Please contact your classroom teacher with any queries

School Uniform

Students don’t have to be in uniform for online lessons but you do need to be appropriately dressed while participating in any online sessions.

When you need a break from school work, make sure you watch these videos:

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