Crew Callout

Crew Callout

Applications Due August 31

Crew List Posted on September 5

Crew Callout

The production crews work on all 3 productions produced throughout the year by Crown Point High School Theatre. The production crew puts the show together. They work on the technical elements needed for the show, build the scenery, paint the set, hang the lights, set up the sound equipment, create costumes. Crew sessions for sound & lights, construction, and painting usually take place on Saturdays and after school in the weeks leading up to the show.

Selected members will also be invited to be on the running crew. The running crew duties include stage managing, stagehands, sound and light board operation, spotlight operation, microphone tech, fly crew, wardrobe, hair and makeup. These members will need to be present for all performances.

Crew Application Information

Please read the following points that you should consider prior to signing up.

  • Crew is hard work and can be as demanding as any other aspect of the production.

  • Crew work sessions are NOT optional!

  • The largest crews, with the most openings, are set construction and set painting, while the smallest crews, with the least amount of openings, are costume/make-up/hair and light & sound.

  • You may, in the future, switch crews if there are openings.

  • Everyone who wants to be on a crew must apply, even past crew members must reapply to secure their position.

Crew Information

Light & Sound

Light & Sound members will hang and focus lighting elements for the show, find and edit sound effects, and program and run the light and sound board. This crew will also support the performing arts department throughout the year.


Painting crew will tape and paint the set using a variety of techniques. This adds to the realism of our sets. You are expected you to stay on task, use self-motivation, and keep your area and brushes clean.


Publicity crew is responsible for ticket sales and front of house duties. You are the first impression for patrons as you can tickets and help them find their seats. A responsible and friendly attitude is key.

Set Construction

Set construction crew will build the structure, furniture, and additional scenic elements used in our productions. Experience in construction is preferred, but we will also need an artists eye for sculpting foam and dressing the set,

Costume & Makeup

Costume & Makeup crew creates accessories and costume pieces and organizes the costume shop. They will also assist in makeup application ranging from foundation to specialty makeup. Experience in sewing and makeup application is preferred.

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