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Financial Aid Night 2023

FAFSA as well as other helpful tips for 

your Next Steps!

Student Orientation

Take a Minute and Listen to our Student Orientation Video and hear a message from our Admin Team at Cabot High School!

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Applying for Scholarships

Click the link to find out more information about scholarships and how they apply to you!

Our Counselors

A - Co: Jeanette DeJesus - Jeanette.DeJesus@cabotschools.org

Cr - Ha: Christy Melder - Christy.Melder@cabotschools.org

He - Mc: Julie Wilson - Julie.Wilson@cabotschools.org

Me - She: Jayne Snyder - Jayne.Snyder@cabotschools.org

Shi - Z: Kim Gibson - Kim.Gibson@cabotschools.org

Our Office Staff


Alice Kellar - Alice.Kellar@cabotschools.org

Administrative Assistants: 

Angela Walls - Angela.Walls@cabotschools.org

Deana Gray - Deana.Gray@cabotschools.org

Student Success Coordinator / Assistant Principal / Testing & 504 Coordinator