K-4 Report Cards

Information for Parents

Standards Based Reporting

K-4 report cards in Cabot Public Schools are standards-based. They are designed to provide information to parents about student progress in:

  • meeting the Arkansas State Standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

  • developing Lifelong Learning Skills, which include various study skills and behaviors.

An overall grade will be given for each skill set on the report card. A list of sub-skills will be included under the skill sets. Shaded areas indicate that the skill has not been assessed in that grading period. Teachers will mark any sub-skills in which the student needs to improve and provide parents with suggestions for ways they can help their child at home. Grades are not an average of points or ratings over the course of a grading period, but reflect the level of student achievement at the end of the grading period.

All standards included on the report card should be met by the end of the grade level. At each nine weeks there are different expectations for the level of understanding of some skills. While a basic understanding of a skill may be the goal for the first nine weeks, a more in-depth knowledge may be required to show mastery in the fourth nine weeks. Additionally, some skills are based on the information taught at the time of reporting. For example, in the first nine weeks a student may have learned and be graded on only a few letters. By the end of the year, students have learned many more letters and will be scored accordingly.

As you review your student’s report card, please know your child’s teacher and/or principals will be happy to help you better understand any part that may be unclear.

Rating Scale for Academic Subjects

4/A Exemplary - All of the learning goals are consistently met.

3/B Proficient - Most of the learning goals are consistently met.

2/C Progressing - More than half of the learning goals are consistently met.

1/D Struggling - Few or none of the learning goals are consistently met.

  • The numbers 1-4 are used to communicate the level of proficiency in grades K-2.

  • Letter grade correspondences are added to the numbers in third grade and fourth grade.

Rating Scale for Lifelong Learning Skills

  • Students are rated O (Outstanding), S (Satisfactory) or N (Needs Improvement) in these areas.

Sample Report Cards and Report Card Guides

Sample report cards contain the same information that will be on the students' report card. The report card guide provides more detailed information on expectations, grading, and skills assessed in each grade level.